Consider The Coconut!

While listening to my Pandora radio station “RENT,” which has seed songs from all my favorite musicals, I heard the most inspiring song called Where You Are. This song is from the Disney musical Moana. I haven’t seen the full movie but I did catch about twenty minutes of this movie and I do not believe the message of the song is the message of the movie. But, I think think the song makes a very valid point which I am just learning. 

The background story to this song is that the character Moana has a fascination with the sea but her father is trying to convince her the island is the only place she needs to be in order to find happiness. Here are the lyrics that caught my attention:

There comes a day
When you’re gonna look around
And realize happiness is where you are

Consider the coconut
The what?
Consider its tree
We use each part of the coconut
That’s all we need

We make our nets from the fibers
The water is sweet inside
We use the leaves to build fires
We cook up the meat inside

For year I have been looking for happiness, for change, outside of myself and my circumstances. “If I had a different job” “if I had new friends” “if I moved to a new city” “if I made more money” etc. Always grasping at something, always raising the bar, and the changes never brought me lasting happiness. So I’ve realized I’ve got to find happiness where I am, in my current circumstances. 

Its cliched but true, happiness really does come from within. I’ve been meditating, practicing mindfulness, integrating buddhist ideals into my life, and working on dialectical behavioral thearpy; these things together have helped me change my thinking. They have helped me find contentment and acceptance in my circumstances. This contentment has led to gratitude and spontaneous moments of joy when doing something as mundane as walking down the street. And while I’ve only been doing these things for a couple of months, I have observed and felt a real change inside in how I feel and think which keeps me motivated to keep going. 

Lets make the coconut a metaphor for ourselves, our minds, feelings, and spirits. If you introspect, contemplate each part, listen to them, you will find that all you need to be happy is inside you. 

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