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Not Putting the Pieces Back Together: New Beginning

The final months of 2016 and the beginning months of 2017 were very trying and marked the end of an era for me. Brief Summary: I was swinging between depression and mania, I impulsively quit a job that was bad for … Continue reading

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Farewell Grandmom Bell

So thats it, you’re gone. Its funny, I started working on a family tree a couple of years ago and there were so many questions I wanted to ask you, so much I realized I didn’t know about your life. … Continue reading

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Recovery is a lie

Is recovery a lie? I think it is but we all have different definitions of recovery I guess. Recovery for me has always meant a life free of symptoms of my mental illness or at least learning ways to cope … Continue reading

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I Breathe

Eyes wide,  Each step intentional,  I breathe consciously,  Inhale peace,  Exhale strife,  I’m breathing through my life,  Each moment aware,  I feel the pain and despair,  I breathe,  I feel the contentment and peace,  I breathe,  I listen,  I learn,  … Continue reading

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Opening Up: Is the risk worth it?

I’ve been at this mental illness thing for a fair bit now and Im starting to wonder if maybe things were better when I kept my struggles between me, my therapist, and internet strangers. I had a therapist about two … Continue reading

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Consider The Coconut!

While listening to my Pandora radio station “RENT,” which has seed songs from all my favorite musicals, I heard the most inspiring song called Where You Are. This song is from the Disney musical Moana. I haven’t seen the full … Continue reading

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Self Acceptance

I have been looking for acceptance and understanding in all the wrong places. This is a realization I’ve come to recently, like today. For years I thought, “if i could just find my tribe” I would be complete. Thats whats … Continue reading

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