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Recovery is a lie

Is recovery a lie? I think it is but we all have different definitions of recovery I guess. Recovery for me has always meant a life free of symptoms of my mental illness or at least learning ways to cope … Continue reading

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Opening Up: Is the risk worth it?

I’ve been at this mental illness thing for a fair bit now and Im starting to wonder if maybe things were better when I kept my struggles between me, my therapist, and internet strangers. I had a therapist about two … Continue reading

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Working While Mentally Ill

Working can be a complicated dance for someone with a mental illness.  The corporate world wasn’t designed for people like us and many of us struggle to perform in ways that most people take for granted. When I was diagnosed … Continue reading

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Mental Illness When Its Inconvenient

The world was shocked by the news of the passing of Robin Williams. Equally shocking was the cause of his death. Robin Williams suffered from and ultimately lost his battle with bipolar disorder. My social media sites were flooded with … Continue reading

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