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I Breathe

Eyes wide,  Each step intentional,  I breathe consciously,  Inhale peace,  Exhale strife,  I’m breathing through my life,  Each moment aware,  I feel the pain and despair,  I breathe,  I feel the contentment and peace,  I breathe,  I listen,  I learn,  … Continue reading

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Self Acceptance

I have been looking for acceptance and understanding in all the wrong places. This is a realization I’ve come to recently, like today. For years I thought, “if i could just find my tribe” I would be complete. Thats whats … Continue reading

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What My Toys Taught Me About Life

I was in 4th grade, when my toys started to lose their appeal. One day I came home from school and for whatever reason I decided to play with my toys only to discover they were gone. I searched the … Continue reading

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