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Everybody Sees The Scars

Nobody sees the wounds, We walk around day by day, We turn our heads, And raise our noes, Willful ignore, The stranger is something more, We create a narrative, Comfortable to us, Swiftly walk away in disgust, But that person, … Continue reading

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There Is No Lemon So Sour You Can’t Make Something Resembling Lemonade

I had a relative make a comment to me not too long ago. She told me I “get comfortable in bad situations.” But, sometimes it’s not an option to leave a situation or change it, these situations are the sour … Continue reading

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Pennsyltuckians Aint All Bad

When I was a senior in high school, I decided to attend a college that was in Pennsyltucky land.  If you’re not familiar with that term, its what we inner city/suburban liberal folk call the rural areas of Pennsylvania that … Continue reading

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Farewell Grandmom Bell

So thats it, you’re gone. Its funny, I started working on a family tree a couple of years ago and there were so many questions I wanted to ask you, so much I realized I didn’t know about your life. … Continue reading

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Letting Go And Letting In

About two years ago I wrote a blog called I’m Letting Go. This blog was about my father’s side of the family and the anger, sadness, and resentment I felt towards them. After I wrote that blog I felt free. … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

There are some people who come into your life and make such a mark on you that you cant imagine life without them. My mom likes to say people come into your life for one of three things: a reason, … Continue reading

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National Siblings Day

I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook not too long ago and I noticed something odd. People were posting pictures of themselves proudly posing with their siblings. Which isn’t altogether odd but the amount of people doing it was … Continue reading

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